Insurance Policies

Commercial Property Insurance

This policy covers all owned or leased real property, personal property and business interruption against physical loss or damage.  

Commercial Crime

This policy provides coverage for different types of crime, such as: public employee dishonesty, forgery or alteration, computer fraud, funds transfer fraud, theft, disappearance and destruction of District assets, robbery and theft. The policy covers all employees, trustees, and students, whether or not compensated, while working on behalf of the District. 

Commercial Auto Policy

This policy provides liability protection for all District owned and leased vehicles and for District employees or other authorized drivers while operating these vehicles. The policy also covers District owned or leased vehicles for property damage resulting from collision, theft and other perils

All accidents should be reported to the District Police Department as soon as possible.

Commercial General Liability

This policy provides coverage against damages resulting from bodily or personal injury. 

The Texas Tort Claims Act (Sub Chapter 101.021 of the Civil Practices & Remedies Code) provides statutory immunity to the District with the exception of licensed motor vehicle accident claims.  School districts are political subdivisions of the state and are not answerable for the negligence of their trustees, agents, or employees under the doctrine of governmental immunity.  The District’s policy covers the cost of legal defense incurred as the result of any claim.

Included in the District’s general liability coverage are Employee Benefits Liability, Abuse and Molestation Liability, Educator’s Legal Liability, and Law Enforcement Liability.

Persons covered by this policy include District trustees, employees, volunteers or additionally insured or designated persons or organizations.

Employee Benefits Liability

This policy provides coverage for errors and omissions in the administration of an employee benefit program of the District.

Misconduct or Molestation Liability

This policy provides coverage for any damages because of bodily injury resulting from sexual misconduct or molestation.

Educators Legal Liability (D&O Insurance)

This policy provides for the defense and payment of legal liability that might result in damages owed to third parties as a result of claims against directors, officers, faculty and staff of the District, for actions within the scope of their duties. 

Law Enforcement Professional Liability

This policy provides coverage for the District Police Department and officers in conjunction with acts, errors and omissions while performing their professional duties.  Covered acts include: false arrest, excessive force, civil rights violations and invasion of privacy. 

Excess Liability

This policy provides excess coverage for the District’s commercial general liability, auto liability, employee benefits liability, school and educator’s legal liability, abuse and molestation liability and law enforcement professional liability.

Workers’ Compensation

The District provides workers’ compensation insurance that covers work-related injuries arising in the course of employment with the District.  Claims of on-the-job injuries are subject to investigation and approval. Benefits may include payment for medical bills, a percentage of lost wages and vocational rehabilitation.  Benefits are paid only if it is determined that the injury or illness is job related.

Employees who sustain a job-related injury or illness must report the injury or illness to their supervisor as soon as possible.  A First Report of Injury form must be completed.  The form can be found on the Collin HR Website.

Student Medical Professional Liability

This policy provides coverage for all students of the allied health professions and faculty who instruct or supervise such students.  The covered categories include, but are not limited to the following: Dental Hygienist, EKG Technician, Health Information Technologist, Nurse’s Aide/Assistants, Phlebotomist, Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Technologists, EMT’s and Paramedics. The policy provides payment for damages resulting from medical incident (injury or property damage to a patient, client or fellow allied health student) for which a student and/or faculty member is liable due to instruction or supervision techniques.  Collin College Community College District is named as an additional insured to provide coverage for legal expenses, where appropriate. 

Student Intercollegiate Sports Insurance

This policy covers medical expenses for all athletes on the District’s men’s and women’s basketball and tennis teams.  Coverage is provided while participating in scheduled intercollegiate and interscholastic sports games, supervised practice sessions and travel. 

Student Athlete Catastrophic Accident Insurance

This blanket catastrophic policy covers all athletes on the District’s men’s and women’s basketball and tennis teams.  This policy provides medical benefits including hospital and professional services.  The coverage also pays benefits for accidental death, dismemberment and loss of sight.