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Student Achievement

Completion Rates

 NSC Collin College Overall 6-Year Completion Rate Chart

NSC 6-Year Completion Rate by Gender

NSC 6-Year Completion Rate by Race and Ethnicity

 The three preceding 6-Year Completion Rate charts are based on data from National Student Clearinghouse
Institutional Benchmark Reports 2011-2013. The cohorts examined in these studies are made up of first-time
degree-seeking students, of any age, who began their postsecondary studies in the fall term of the cohort year.
The study followed the cohort through May 31st of the sixth academic year and highlights six-year student
outcomes, including degree and certificate completion.

Collin College 6-year Completion Rate Overall

Collin College 6-year Completion Rate by Gender

Collin College 6-year Completion Rate by Race and EthnicityPreceding 6-Year Completion Rate Source: Collin College ZogoTech Data Warehouse.  Completion rates are
based on Collin College data and reflect the numbers of degrees and certificates awarded to first-time
post-secondary students enrolled at Collin during the designated fall semester whether awarded by Collin or
any other institution. Target rates are intended to minimize achievement gaps among various demographic
categories and collectively boost overall student completion.


Program Licensure/Certification Pass Rates

Licensure/Certification Pass Rate Chart


 Persistence Rates


Overall Student Persistence Chart Student Persistence Chart Grouped by Gender

Persistence Chart Grouped by Ethnicity

Collin College Fall-to-Fall Persistence Rates in the previous three charts represent students who start as 
first-time-in-college in the fall term of the initial listed year, and what percent of them return for the fall term
of the second listed term. Source: Collin College ZogoTech Data Warehouse

Success Rates

Overall Transfer Rate Chart

Transfer Rates Grouped by Gender

Success Rates Grouped by Race/Ethnicity

Collin College Student Success Rates are calculated as the sum of the year’s graduation rate percentage
plus the year’s transfer out rate percentage.