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Prior to traveling, employees should research the costs of the trip including getting estimates for airfare, hotel, and car rental, if applicable.  Employees can search for travel costs using the Travel tab in Concur.  After getting travel estimates, the employee should prepare a travel request and include all costs likely to be incurred during travel.   The link below (1) provides screenshots for entering a request.

(1) Entering a Request Guidelines with Screenshots

Employees should book travel segments as soon after the request has been approved.  Employees will receive an email notification after all approvals have been made.  The link below (2) provides step-by-step guidelines to complete the booking process.

COLLIN COLLEGE MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT CHART - Use for travel within Texas for the estimate for mileage for request. Includes mileage for Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Denton.

(2) Booking Travel Guidelines

Employees will utilize the allocation feature when travel expenses must be charged to more than one organization.  For example, allocation will need to be considered when Council on Excellence funds budgeted for faculty travel will not cover all the anticipated/actual expenses.   The excess expense not covered by COE may be charged to the faculty's division organization with the dean's authorization.  Otherwise, the expenses will need to be allocated to personal expense and absorbed by the employee.  See the Allocating Expenses Demo  below for instructions on allocating expenses.

(3) Allocating Expenses

The following link provides guidelines for preparing an expense report after traveling, 

(4) Entering an Expense Report Guidelines with Screenshots

The following link provides guidelines when using the Missing Receipt Affidavit when the traveler loses a receipt.  This may only be used for an expense not to exceed $50.

(5) Missing Receipt Affidavit

(6) Checklist for Approving

Request Approvals Guidelines with Screenshots

Expense Approvals Guidelines with Screenshots

Acting as a Delegate Demo

Travel Allowance (Per Diem) Schedule

Depending on the traveler's itinerary, eligible meals for reimbursement are based on the time the employee leaves from and returns home.    In addition, if meals are provided during the conference, travel allowance (per diem) is excluded from reimbursement. 

For example, an employee departing from home at 7:00 am is eligible for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the day of departure (assuming no meals are provided at the conference on that day).  On the return trip, if the employee arrives home at 4:00 pm, the employee is entitled to receive travel allowance (per diem) for breakfast and lunch (again, assuming no meals are provided at the conference).

The daily per diem rate when travleing within Texas is $51, effective 2/1/2016.  The daily per diem rate when traveling outside of Texas is based on the US-GSA rates by city.  The highest per diem rate possible is $71/day.  When estimating per diem, we recommend using the highest rate when traveling outside of Texas and $51 when traveling within Texas.  However, if you prefer to use the US-GSA rate for the city you're traveling to outside Texas, those rates are at US_GSA rates.


Travel Allowance Screenshot 

Time   Departure   Return
12:01 am-8:00 am   B, L, D   B
8:01 am - 5:00 pm   L, D   B, L
5:01 pm - Midnight   D   B,L,D

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