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Welcome to Concur Travel and Expense. 
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Travel Transformation

Collin College has begun a transformation of the travel process from the manual, paper based process into an electronic request, approval, booking and expense system. Business Administrative Services evaluated many different travel and expense systems and identified Concur Travel and Expense as a system that would best meet Collin College’s objectives. Besides Concur, we have also partnered with Corporate Travel Planners (CTP), a travel agency, to provide the capability of booking travel through Concur. Our objectives for the new system include:

  • To streamline the travel process
  • To simplify the process by automating the booking, authorization, and reimbursement of the travel process
  • To integrate a travel agency in order to increase services to travelers;
  • To reduce travelers’ out-of-pocket expenses for airfare and hotel expenses

Some of the benefits of the new system include:

  • Through workflow, provides automation of the booking, authorization, and reimbursement processes, eliminating the 6-part Professional Leave and Travel Form
  • “One stop shop” for booking, and expense reimbursement, with Collin College travel procedures built in for better compliance
  • Eliminate paper receipts. Save electronic receipts and upload or import into Concur. Ability to utilize e-receipts for expenses paid for with personal credit card.
  • Utilization of smartphone apps to make travel arrangements, attach receipts, submit requests, reimbursements, and/or approve request and expense from anywhere, anytime
  •  Facilitates prepayment for conference registration
  • Will provide Collin College with better reporting capability on travel expenses
  • Will capture spend levels for travel resulting in better pricing
  • Google maps feature
  • Per diem/travel allowance feature

There are four basic roles in Concur: Traveler, Approver, Delegate (Admin. Asst.), and Back Office Processor.

  • Traveler: The traveler may choose to create his own trip (through Request), or may choose to have a delegate book trips and prepare expense reports on their behalf. The traveler determines the functions the delegate may perform.
  • Approver: The approver role is for supervisors, organization managers, and vice-presidents and provosts; approvers may delegate the approver role to another approver at the same or similar level.
  • Delegate: The delegate may create trips and/or expense reports on behalf of the traveler; or may be delegated the authority to approve trip requests and/or expense reports based on the authority the person assigning the delegation has given.
  • Back Office Processor: The processor is responsible for issuing cash advances, maintaining the Company Notes pane in Concur, maintaining audit rules,  maintain lists, manage expense types, etc.

Business Administrative Services is systematically rolling out Concur Travel Expense.  Training sessions will be held district wide.  Training sessions last 2 hours.  The training schedule will be posted under training.