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Concur New Employee OR Refresher Training (Upon request)     
This training is for the infrequent traveler or they would like to brush up on their Concur skills.
In this training, Accounts payable will go over Request, Book and Expense.  If you would like to bring in  your Request or Expense items we will be there to assist you.  This training will provide frequently asked 
questions and help with the common issues our travelers have with Concur.

Concur Workshop

 This workshop is to assist any Collin College employee that needs assistance with entering Travel Request, Booking or
 Expense Report in Concur


Concur and Check Request Workshop Schedule
Training is available upon request.
The Workshop sessions are listed below.  They are held in a computer lab, therefore space is limited. Registration is Required for attendanceTo reserve space, please send an email to and specify the date and time you would like to attend.


Time Campus Room Availability Type of Training
March 17 2-4 pm CHEC 221 Open Concur Workshop
March 18 1-3 pm CHEC 221 Canceled Check Request Training



Below is information about the types of trainings offered for Concur, what is required to bring to each
class and the training schedule.


Request Travel Approvals Book Travel then Cash Advance Issued Expense Approvals



The first step in the Concur Process. The Request and Book class is required prior to traveling. This class

is for the first time traveler or you would like to start from the beginning .

Required before Request Training :

      •   Set up profile in Concur. Getting Started

      •   Agenda or information on the conference or meeting you are attending.

      •   If Registration, have a completed registration form to attach or receipt of paid registration.

      •   If traveling on COE funds or your department requires a justification, please complete before
          coming to class.

Please have the agenda, registration and COE Justification or department justification for travel saved to a flash
drive or your H: drive before attending class.


Expense Training

Expense training should be completed after travel.

Required before expense training :

All Receipts except for meals.  (You may not have all expenses listed below).
○   Airfare receipt with Agency Booking fee is sent from Corporate Travel Planners.  It is an
           e-invoice that comes from WS Webservices.
      ○   Hotel Receipt: Must receive a detailed copy of receipt before leaving hotel.  Check to see
           if the following are correct before leaving.
                 ▪     Room rate is correct.
                 ▪     Taxes are correct.  If Texas, no state tax should be charged.
                 ▪     Make sure Collin College Credit card was used not your personal card.
      ○    Completed Travel Summary
      ○    Updated agenda
      ○    Shuttle
      ○    Baggage
      ○    Tolls
      ○    Taxi
      ○    Parking
      ○    List of meals provided for Travel Allowance. (Meals per diem)
      ○    Date and Time you departed and returned from conference.
      ○    If you received a certificate for completion of a course.
      ○    Registration information
      ○    Information if this Grant Travel, Innovations Challenge, or the amount is over what
            COE approved.
      ○    If you have more than one Request or Cash Advance attach to the expense report.
      ○    Address of the conference.

Please have your receipts, completed Travel Summary Report and Agenda saved 
to a flash drive or your H: drive before attending class.