General Information

In order to participate in CASMNS research , students need to seek out a Research Mentor AND be enrolled in Collin College credit course (preferably a Mathematics or Natural Science course).

Logic dictates that students seek research projects in the discipline that they are taking courses in. However, advanced or highly motivated students may benefit from seeking projects outside their course load in order to expand their knowledge. For example, chemistry or physics students may become involved in biology projects and visa versa.

Just keep in mind that your mentor will determine if you are a good candidate for a specific project. Furthermore, don't expect to create a project yourself and proceed without supervision. The feasibility of the project depends on the expertise of your mentor and the availability of the resources and equipment.

If you are not enrolled in a science course, you can still seek out a  research projects provided you can find a supporting mentor.

Finally, the Faculty involved in these projects do this on their own time and free will. Therefore, do not expect faculty to support you if you are just interested in padding your resume. Slackers are not welcome.



If you found a Research Mentor, you will need to fill out the following forms, indicating your commitment to this project.