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Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement
Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement

Welcome to the Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement (CSCE)! 

The Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement (CSCE) supports Collin College’s commitment to service and involvement in our community and empowers learning through experiential opportunities and academic exploration. Collin College is a benchmark institution in civic engagement as evidenced by repeated designations as a recipient of the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll and as a  recipient of the 2010 Carnegie Foundation’s Designation for Civic Excellence.

CSCE connects faculty, students and community partners through a variety of academic and co-curricular programs.  These initiatives focus on Service Learning, co-curricular academics, leadership, volunteer and service, and civic involvement, and serve as catalysts to expand and enhance learning for students.  Activities and events promote democratic values of citizenship and the core values of Collin College.

The Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement also serves as a resource center for those wishing to engage in the community through Service Learning and/or volunteerism.


CSCE manages community partnership development and community involvement with outside agencies such as DFW Service Learning Collegiate Council, Volunteer McKinney Center and service coalitions such as the Collin County Homeless Coalition. The Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement nurtures over 250 additional community partnerships, including partnerships with social service and non-profit organizations, health care agencies, government entities, small business, educational institutions (including K-12), community organizations, sports, and fine arts organizations. These partnerships ensure our outreach is effective, especially through Service Learning initiatives.


The Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement designs, facilitates/implements, documents and assesses numerous programs across three Collin College major campuses.

Service Learning

Service Learning is an academic pedagogy that connects learning objectives in the classroom to meeting community need through robust experiential projects. These activities include research, service, and critical reflection.  In the past three academic years, almost 5000 Collin College students contributed 77,409 hours to the community.  Service Learning is supported by four faculty leads at three campuses who dedicate their time to resourcing faculty on their individual campuses through collaborative Service Learning projects, faculty workshops, faculty camps, and student Reflection Receptions at all campuses.

Service and Volunteer Programs

In the past three academic years, 2995 faculty, staff and students contributed 6326 volunteer hours in community projects through Collin Serves; and hundreds of more volunteered hours through the Alternative Breaks and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service community outreach projects. In addition, 3609 students in formal student organizations contributed 11,699 volunteer hours to community outreach.

Leadership Programs

Collin College supports student leadership development through interactive and experiential events, activities, trainings, workshops and field trips; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Student Leadership Presentations; Student Leadership Camps; Phi Theta Kappa; the upcoming Leadership Institute; and Community Ambassadors.

Civic Engagement Programs

Collin College supports student outreach and civic engagement through: Community College Days at the Capital; Constitution Day; Community Round Tables; Rock the Vote, Voter Registrations, Debate Watch; The Face of Homelessness; Poverty Simulations; Emergency Preparedness and Response Fairs; and the Civic Excellence Initiative.  

Academic Programs  

Community outreach and involvement is strongly encouraged through the following academically based faculty-led programs:  Auteur Film Series; Book in Common; Constitution Day; Distinguished Speakers Series; Emerging Scholars; and Passport to the World.

Additional Collaborations

The CSCE fosters collaboration among college departments and promotes academic excellence through shared exploration of issues, knowledge, research, and service. Collaborative partners include the following:

Center for Advanced Study in Mathematics and Natural Sciences (CASMNS)
Emerging Scholars
Honors Institute
Learning Communities
Phi Theta Kappa
Psi Beta
Student Life
Student Government Association


For information about the Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement,  call 972.881.5927, email or visit F102 at the Spring Creek Campus.

An education that teaches you to understand something about the world has done only half of the assignment. The other half is to teach you to do something about making the world a better place.

-Johnnetta Cole

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