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DE Professional Development

2020 Faculty Development Resources
Professional Development Webinar - Fall 
Co-requisite Faculty Reference with Samples - Fall 
Math Co-requisite Registration Guide Template - Fall 
Faculty Co-requisites Summer Series Presentation: Teaching Co-requisite Math Virtually Through a Pandemic
Faculty Co-requisites Summer Series Presentation: Promising Practices for Scalable Implementation
Faculty Professional Development Presentation: Promising Practices in Developmental Education - Spring 

2019 Faculty Development Resources
Advising Professional Development Workshop - Fall 2019
Faculty Development Workshop - Fall 2019

NOSS Practitioner to Practitioner Vol 10.2 - Summer 2019
Faculty Development Workshop - Summer 2019
Co-requisite Advising as Onramps to Guided Pathways - Summer 2019
Co-requisite Math Classes - June 2019 revised
District Developmental Education - April 29th-30th - Spring 2019 Update
Co-Requisite Model: Spring 2018/Spring 2019 - Pilot English 1301/INRW 0315
Next Steps Action Items from Co-requisite Faculty Professional Development - April 29th-30th
Fast Tracking Developmental Education Students to Guided Pathways - Advising Update - Spring 2019

INRW 0315 Service Learning VRC Project - Checking the Reliability of Programs - Spring 2019

INRW 0315 Veterans Resource Center Brochure Project - Service Learning Interviews - Spring 2019

INRW 0315.S91 Veterans Resource Center - Co-requisite Service Learning Project - Spring 2019

Peer Review for Group Project Trifold Brochure - Spring 2019

Service Learning Project Instructions - Spring 2019

In-class Presentation: Argument Essay Guidelines and Grading Rubric - Spring 2019

Charity Verification Process Template

"Our Blind Spot about Guns" Article

Co-requisite Workshop - Promising Practices: Quantitative Reasoning & Statistical Reasoning

Cultural Capital Assets Based Teaching - Spring 2019

District Developmental Education - Spring 2019 Update

2018 Faculty Development Resources

Faculty Professional Development Workshop Fall 2018

Math Presentation - Faculty Development Workshop 2018

INRW Co-requisite Model - Faculty Development Workshop 2018

Texarkana English Placement Chart Fall 2018

English Co-Requisite Article Shared by Texarkana College

Texarkana College Presentation Fall 2018