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Bonus Points Initiative
Bonus Points Intitiative

Bonus Points No Longer Available Beginning Spring 2017

If you are registered for an honors course for Fall 2016 and you pass with an A or a B, the appropriate points will be awarded. However, due to a change in national policy, Collin College's nursing program will no longer be able to offer bonus points based on honors courses. Please contact Dean Donna Hatch if you have questions.

Surgical Technology:
1 point for earning a B grade
2 points for earning an A grade

Respiratory Care and Dental Hygiene:
1 point for earning either an A or B grade

Polysmonographic Technology:
1 point for earning either an A or B grade
with 1 point for (1/2 point for BIOL 2401 & 1/2 point for BIOL 2402)

1/2 point for earning a B grade
1 point for earning an A grade

Please check with the specific Program to find out which classes they accept and then check the Honors schedule to see which are offered each semester.

When viewing the on-line Collin schedule, search specifically for Honors classes by:
1) highlighting all SUBJECTS
2) clicking HONORS in the "attribution type" box.

Remember, if you have Program-specific questions regarding the Bonus Points Initiative, please contact the Program directly.

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Contact us:
J.D. Isip 
Director, SCC Honors Institute

Sonia Iwanek
Director, PRC Honors Institute
Adam Miller
Director, CPC Honors Institute 
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