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AAS - Physical Education / Dance General Education Options:
Select One Dance or Physical Education courses listed below:

Dance courses:
DANC 1101 Dance Improvisation
DANC 1110 Tap Technique I
DANC 1111 Tap Technique II
DANC 1141 Ballet Technique I
DANC 1142 Ballet Technique II
DANC 1145 Modern Dance Technique I
DANC 1146 Modern Dance Technique II
DANC 1147 Jazz Dance Technique I
DANC 1148 Jazz Dance Technique II
DANC 1151 Dance Performance I
DANC 1152 Dance Performance II
DANC 1222 Hip Hop I
DANC 1223 Hip Hop II
DANC 2141 Ballet Technique III
DANC 2142 Ballet Technique IV
DANC 2145 Modern Dance Technique III
DANC 2146 Modern Dance Technique IV
DANC 2147 Jazz Dance Technique III
DANC 2148 Jazz Dance Technique IV
DANC 2151 Dance Performance III
DANC 2152 Dance Performance IV
DANC 2301 Topics in Dance Technique
DANC 2325 Dance Appreciation

Physical Education courses:

PHED 1100 Beginning Weight Training
PHED 1102 Intermediate Weight Training
PHED 1104 Beginning Jogging and Fitness
PHED 1106 Walking and Fitness
PHED 1111 Basketball
PHED 1112 Soccer
PHED 1114 Volleyball
PHED 1115 Archery
PHED 1116 Badminton
PHED 1117 Beginning Tennis
PHED 1118 Intermediate Tennis
PHED 1120 Beginning Racquetball
PHED 1121 Intermediate Racquetball
PHED 1123 Beginning Golf
PHED 1125 Bowling
PHED 1126 Self-Defense
PHED 1127 Beginning Karate
PHED 1129 Introduction to Hatha Yoga
PHED 1130 Intermediate Hath Yoga
PHED 1131 Beginning Swimming
PHED 1136 Water Aerobics
PHED 1137 Swimming Conditioning
PHED 1140 Beginning Aerobic Dance
PHED 1147 Beginning Aerobic Kickboxing / Karate
PHED 1148 Introduction to Team Sports
PHED 1338 Concepts of Physical Fitness and Wellness