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42 credit hours
First Semester
ARTC 1325 Introduction to Computer Graphics 
ARTV 1345 3-D Modeling and Rendering I
ARTV 1371 Storyboard and Concept Development
FLMC 1301 History of Animation Techniques
Second Semester
ARTC 1302 Digital Imaging I
ARTV 1303 Basic Animation
ARTV 1341 3-D Animation I
FLMC 1331 Video Graphics and Visual Effects I
GAME 1303 Introduction to Game Design and Development
First Semester
ARTV 2345 3-D Modeling and Rendering II
ARTV 2351 3-D Animation II
ARTV 1351 Digital Video
GAME 2359 Game and Simulation Group Project
Second Semester
ARTV 2335 Portfolio Development for Animation (Capstone)
GAME 2325 3-D Animation II - Character Set-Up