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Associate of Science
Associate of Science


The following requirements must be met for an Associate of Science (AS) award:
   1.  Earn a minimum of 60 college-level credit hours.
   2.  Complete the general education core curriculum of 42 credit hours.
   3.  Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0
   4.  Earn a minimum of 18 credit hours at Collin College.
   5.  Complete a minimum of 18 additional credit hours of degree requirements and
        general studies electives.
   6.  Complete the mathematics and science degree requirements for the AS degree:
        A.  Complete at least six credit hours of mathematics from the AS Math course 
              options.  Three credit hours of these mathematics will also meet the 
              Mathematics core requirement.

        B. Complete at least eight credit hours of natural science from the AS Science 
              course options. A course sequence is recommended. These Science courses 
              will meet the Natural Science core requirement. 


Below are state-recognized AS Fields of Study (FOS) transfer programs. Students 
completing all required FOS coursework will be awarded a certificate in the FOS.  The 
FOS is guaranteed to transfer to Texas public colleges,and apply toward a baccalureate 
in the field of study. The FOS courses are equivalent to the first two years of program
coursework in a related bachelor's degree.

AS - Fields of Studies are available in the following disciplines:

     *  Computer Science (AS or certificate)
     * Engineering (AS or certificate)