Learning Opportunities

Collin College offers a variety of plans designed to prepare students for a college or university degree. Some options include pursuing an associate degree of arts or science (AA or AS) or an associate of arts in teaching (AAT); completing the General Education Core certificate;   a Field of Study; or beginning coursework in a pre-professional program.  Applied Associate of Science  (AAS) workforce degrees and certificates prepare a student for immediate employment.

Choose A Program and Award

If you need help selecting a program that matches your skills and personality, go to Collin’s Career Services for help identifying your career goals. To obtain workforce details (such as projected earned wages) for programs offered at Collin College and other Texas schools, explore Career Coach and the Texas CREWS website.

Before you register, choose an area of study or a degree/certificate.  It is important to establish a degree plan, outlining all of the courses needed and the sequence as well as the semester in which the courses will be taken. Work with a Collin College Academic Advisor to decide which direction is best for your career goals.  

If you are planning to earn a 4-year baccalaureate degree, choose the 4-year college(s) you want to attend and select a baccalaureate degree as soon as possible.  It is important to consider the specific degree requirements of the colleges where you want to transfer. Make these choices early in the planning process; ideally, when you first start at Collin. If uncertain about a transfer institution, try picking one or two top choices. Work with a Collin College Academic Advisor to determine which courses from Collin will apply to the transfer institution. 

Stay on Track

Plan ahead for registration each semester. It is important to meet with a Collin College Academic Advisor at least a few weeks before Priority Registration to ensure that you are taking courses that apply to your degree plan and keep you on track toward your ultimate goals. Advisors help ensure you are following your degree plan in the most efficient way possible.

You can run your personalized Degree Audit through Cougar Compass. The Degree Audit report shows which requirements for your degree/program you’ve completed, and which ones you still need to complete. It also gives lists of courses you can use to complete specific core, elective and program requirements. The degree audit can be accessed by logging onto Cougar Compass or by clicking on “Degree Audit” in the Student Quick Links box. Note, courses that you are currently taking and for which you do not yet have a grade do not show up on the degree audit, so you will need to include them in determining remaining requirements.  You should do a degree audit each semester before you register.

Know before you go

  • Students who complete a Degree Program (AA, AS, AAS) or the Core Curriculum at Collin College are more likely to be successful (compared to those who do not complete an award) as they continue their education at other higher education institutions.
  • Meeting with a Collin College Academic Advisor helps to ensure that you take only the courses you need. This can save your time and money.  

Choosing a Plan Year

Students who plan to transfer to a college or university have a choice to make regarding the requirements for graduation. Specifically, they may choose to graduate in accordance with the program requirements that are in effect during one of their terms of enrollment. If a degree or certificate is terminated during their enrollment, they will have three years in which to complete the terminated program under the old requirements. They should consult a Collin academic advisor or the program description for the year of their choice to learn about all requirements and limitations that may apply. Students are advised to keep a copy of the program requirements and transfer guide(s) in effect during their enrollment at Collin College. Students should also keep their course syllabi to assist with transfer.