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42 credit hours
This certificate contains all the coursework in the Advanced EMT certificate plus seven (7)  additional courses which will qualify the student for career advancement as a Paramedic.
EMSP 1160 Clinical - Emergency Medical Technician
(EMT Paramedic) - Basic 1
EMSP 1371 Introduction to Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 1
EMSP 1501 Emergency Medical Technician 1
First Semester
EMSP 1356 Patient Assessment and Airway Management
EMSP 1438 Introduction to Advanced Practice
EMSP 2206 Emergency Pharmacology
Second Semester
EMSP 1161 Clinical - Emergency Medical Technician
(EMT Paramedic) - Advanced I
EMSP 1355 Trauma Management
EMSP 2305 EMS Operations
Summer Semester
EMSP 2444 Cardiology
First Semester
EMSP 1162 Clinical - Emergency Medical Technician
(EMT Paramedic) - Advanced II
Second Semester
EMSP 2534 Medical Emergencies
EMSP 2330 Special Populations
EMSP 2160 Clinical - Emergency Medical EMT Paramedic -Advanced III
Summer Semester
EMSP 2143 Assessment Based Management (Capstone) 
EMSP 2267 Practicum - Emergency Medical Technician                    (EMT Paramedic)
1.  A student that has the EMT - Basic certification has met this requirement.