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Select one Kinesiology activity course listed below:

Activity courses:

KINE 1102 Intermediate Weight Training
KINE 1104 Beginning Jogging and Fitness
KINE 1106 Walking and Fitness
KINE 1111 Basketball
KINE 1112 Soccer
KINE 1114 Volleyball
KINE 1116 Badminton
KINE 1117 Beginning Tennis
KINE 1118 Intermediate Tennis
KINE 1120 Beginning Racquetball
KINE 1121 Intermediate Racquetball
KINE 1126 Self-Defense
KINE 1127 Beginning Karate
KINE 1131 Beginning Swimming
KINE 1136 Water Aerobics
KINE 1137 Swimming Conditioning
KINE 1140 Beginning Aerobic Dance
KINE 1147 Beginning Aerobic Kickboxing / Karate
KINE 1148 Introduction to Team Sports
KINE 1164 Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness