Learn how to communicate effectively with an audience, one-on-one or in mass media with a degree or certificate from Collin College’s Communication field of study (FOS). Whether you want to be a journalist, a broadcaster, an advertising executive or just want to sharpen your interpersonal and presentation skills, courses in Collin’s Communication FOS can provide you with a great foundation to build on.

You will learn to write for specific audiences, get a well-rounded view of the media landscape and lay the groundwork for a great career in mass communication. Program options include the communications sub-areas: advertising/public relations; journalism/mass communication; radio and television broadcasting/broadcast journalism and general communication.

Program Options

This certificate has a Texas Guarantee of Degree- Applicability

Collin offers four sub-areas of the Communication field of study (FOS).  Upon completion of the field of study curriculum, a certificate will be awarded to acknowledge completion and readiness to transition from an associate level to a baccalaureate (BA / BS) level, at any Texas public institution.


Listed below are the requirements for each Communication Field of Study sub-area:

Certificate – Communication Field of Study