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Artificial intelligence. Bioinformatics. Computer theory. Computer science is a wide-ranging field of study, with career opportunities for people who are looking to the future.

Collin College's computer science courses will prepare you for a bachelor's degree program in computer science or computer software engineering. Learn the fundamentals of programming and make the future your own.

Field of Study (FOS) is a set of courses that will transfer and apply to a corresponding bachelor’s - level degree at a Texas college or university. Both the Field of Study and the Core Curriculum courses are transferrable for full academic credit to any public college or university in Texas. Students who complete the Field of Study block of courses will earn a certificate in that Field of Study. The Computer Science Field of Study curriculum is designed to apply to a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Within the Computer Science FOS there are courses listed which will satisfy requirements for both the AS General Education Core and the FOS. You should meet with an academic advisor about transferring Core Curriculum and Fields of Study courses to a specific university or college.

Did you know that you can also earn an AA or AS degree in addition to the Field of Study certificate?

Contact an academic advisor today to learn more about how to develop an educational plan that is right for you.

Program Options

Certificate – Computer Science Field of Study

Associate of Science – Computer Science Field of Study