Artificial intelligence. Bioinformatics. Computer theory. Computer science is a wide-ranging field of study, with career opportunities for people who are looking to the future.

Collin College's computer science courses will prepare you for a bachelor's degree program in computer science or computer software engineering. Learn the fundamentals of programming with specialization in C++ or Java and make the future your own.

The computer science field of study (FOS) courses satisfy requirements for both the associate of science general education core and the FOS. There are two tracks offered in the FOS (C++ Track and Java Track). Both tracks cover the same fundamental theory and material but use different languages. Upon completion of the FOS curriculum, a certificate will be awarded to acknowledge completion and readiness to transition from an associate level to a baccalaureate (BA/BS) level, at any Texas public institution.

Program Options

Associate of Science - Computer Science

Certificate – Computer Science Field of Study