Get hands-on with a degree in mechanical engineering from Collin College. Mechanical engineers design and oversee the manufacture of machines people use every day – engines, equipment, simple machines and more – ensuring that they can withstand the stresses applied to them. Learn how to build things from the ground up with enough knowledge and care to be sure it will work.

Collin College's Mechanical Engineering field of study (FOS) program will prepare you for baccalaureate studies at a four-year university with a strong foundation of math and science, as well as introductory courses designed to build your engineering knowledge base. Upon completion of the field of study curriculum, a certificate will be awarded to acknowledge completion and readiness to transition from an associate level to a baccalaureate (BA/BS) level at any Texas public institution.

Program Options

Associate of Science - Mechanical Engineering

Certificate - Mechanical Engineering Field of Study

Certificate - Core Complete

(after completing the AS - Mechanical Engineering)


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