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A career in Health Information Management (HIM) will put you at the center of a rapidly-growing field that thrives on data. As an HIM professional, you will collect and protect medical information, including patient records and health data. You can help researchers track disease outbreaks, monitor potential health trends and provide up-to-the-minute health information to doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and patients.

All HIM classes are conducted online. A clinical component must also be completed in a Texas health care facility.

Selective Admission Requirements

Program Options

AAS – Health Information Management

Certificate Level 2 - Computer Applications for Data Forensics and Informatics

Certificate Level 2 - Health Information Foundations for Data Forensics and Informatics

Certificate Level 1 - Medical Coding and Billing


The AAS in Health Information Management is accredited through the CAHIIM. They may be contacted at:
233 N. Michigan Ave., 21st floor
Chicago, IL 60601-5800
Phone: 312.233.1100

Department Website