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42 credit hours
First Semester
DFTG 1309 Basic Computer-Aided Drafting
INDS 1301 Basic Elements of Design
INDS 1341 Color Theory and Application
INDS 1371 Introduction to Green Design 
Second Semester
INDS 1349 Fundamentals of Space Planning
INDS 1351 History of Interiors I
INDS 1372 Computer-Aided Drafting for Interior Designers 
Summer Semester
INDS 1352 History of Interiors II 
First Semester
INDS 1373 Green Interiors
INDS 2313 Residential Design I 
INDS 2315 Lighting for Interior Designers  
Second Semester
INDS 1315 Materials, Methods and Estimating 
INDS 1345 Commercial Design I 
Summer Semester
INDS 2330 Interior Design Building Systems  (Capstone)