60 credit hours  
BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I1
BIOL 2402 Anatomy and Physiology II1
BIOL 2420 Microbiology for Non-Science Majors
PSYC 2301 General Psychology1
PSYC 2314 Live-Span Growth and Development
Nursing faculty will determine the application and approval process. Students accepted into the Bridge for LVN/Paramedic/Medic
Program will receive credit for the following courses:
RNSG 1125, RNSG 1126, RNSG 1161, RNSG 1430 and
RNSG 1533
RNSG 1118 Transition to Professional Nursing Competencies
RNSG 1128 Introduction to Health Care Concepts
RNSG 1163 Clinical - Nursing Transition from LVN / Paramedic
RNSG 1324 Concept-Based Transition to Professional Nursing Practice
First Semester
ENGL 1301 Composition I
RNSG 1137 Professional Nursing Concepts III
RNSG 1538 Health Care Concepts III
RNSG 2362 Clinical III - Nursing - Registered Nurse Training
Second Semester
RNSG 2138 Professional Nursing Concepts IV (Capstone)
RNSG 2363 Clinical IV - Nursing - Registered Nurse Training
RNSG 2539 Health Care Concepts IV
GEN ED Select one Humanities / Fine Arts course
1. No course substitutions.