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42 credit hours
First Summer Semester
COSC 1315 Introduction to Computer Programming
ITSE 1311 Beginning Web Programming
First Semester
IMED 1341 Interface Design
ITNW 1358 Network++
ITSE 1301 Web Design Tools - Graphics
ITSE 1330 Introduction to C# Programming
ITSE 1359 Introduction to Scripting Languages - Python
ITSE 2302 Intermediate Web Programming
Second Semester
ITSE 1306 Introduction to PHP
INEW 2334 Advanced Web Programming
ITSE 2353 Advanced C# Programming
ITSE 2309 Database Programming - SQL
Second Summer Semester
ITSE 2374 Web and Mobile Application Development (Capstone)1
1. May substitute ITSC 2380
*Elective (3 credit hours) : ITSC 1316, ITSE 2313, or ITSE 1333