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The Visual Arts Program offers foundation-level courses in drawing, design, art appreciation and art history as well as courses focused on traditional studio disciplines such as painting, watercolor, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, and jewelry/art metals. In addition to courses, exposure to seminars in professional practices helps students prepare to function as visual artists. Our spacious labs provide access to professional quality equipment, including printing presses, computers, printers, ceramic kilns, electric pottery wheels, and a metal-casting foundry. Our gallery space, THE ARTS Gallery, exposes students to the works of current professional artists and showcases student work in both open and juried student shows. Finally, our instructors are highly trained, practicing artists who are dedicated to helping each student explore and research the visual arts and, thereby, reach his or her highest level of skill and creativity.

To earn an associate degree, complete the 42 credit hour General Education Core, and 18 credit hours of general studies electives and the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree requirements.


ARTS     1301       Art Appreciation
ARTS     1303       Art History I (Prehistoric to the 14th century)
ARTS     1304       Art History II (14th century to the present)
ARTS     1311       Design I (2-dimensional)
ARTS     1312       Design II (3-dimensional)
ARTS     1316       Drawing I
ARTS     1317       Drawing II
ARTS     2311       Advanced 2-D Design
ARTS     2312       Advanced 3-D Design
ARTS     2316       Painting I
ARTS     2317       Painting II
ARTS     2323       Figure Drawing I
ARTS     2324       Figure Drawing II
ARTS     2326       Sculpture I
ARTS     2327       Sculpture II
ARTS     2333       Printmaking I
ARTS     2334       Printmaking II
ARTS     2341       Jewelry / Art Metals I
ARTS     2342       Jewelry / Art Metals II
ARTS     2346       Ceramics I
ARTS     2347       Ceramics II
ARTS     2348       Digital Photography I
ARTS     2349       Digital Photography II
ARTS     2366       Watercolor I
ARTS     2367       Watercolor II
ARTS     2389       Academic Co-op Arts/Photography

Note: The second digit in a course number indicates the number of credit hours
for that course.

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Department Chair:
Carter Scaggs
SCC - A249

Academic Advisors:
John Ciccia
CPC - D117G
PRC - F132

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