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Business Management
2014 - 2015 Business Management Program Information


Program Options:
AAS - Business Management
Certificate -
Business Management

Business management is no longer a field just for people who desire to be managers. Organizations are giving all individuals within their structures more responsibility than before and requiring more knowledge of them.

Collin's Business Management degree provides students the ability to relate with others, the skills to work in teams, the knowledge to initiate change, and the experience to solve problems in the workplace. Topics include basic management philosophies and theories, organizational psychology, as well as, business strategy development, implementation and evaluation skills. This degree is also excellent for people who wish to major in another field but need business and management skills.

Through transfer agreements, students may earn their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Business Management from Collin and transfer to numerous universities in Texas where Collin courses may be applied toward Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) and Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) degrees.

Students planning to transfer to colleges or universities should check with Collin academic advisors prior to beginning this program to verify course transferability.

AAS – Business Management

60 credit hours

First Semester

BMGT   1307       Team Building
BMGT   1327       Principles of Management
BMGT   1341       Business Ethics
BMGT   2347       Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
MATH   1342       Elementary Statistical Methods1

Second Semester
BMGT   1305       Communications in Management
BMGT   1344       Negotiations and Conflict Management
BMGT   2309       Leadership
HRPO    2307       Organizational Behavior
MRKG   1311       Principles of Marketing

First Semester

BUSG     2309       Small Business Management / Entrepreneurship
ENGL     1301       Composition I
HRPO    2301       Human Resources Management
IBUS      2341       Intercultural Management
SPCH     1321       Business and Professional Communication
                              (See Speech Options)

Second Semester
ACNT    1303       Introduction to Accounting I 2
BMGT   2311       Change Management
BMGT   2341       Strategic Management 3 (Capstone)
ECON    1301       Introduction to Economics4
HUMA   1301       Introduction to Humanities I
                            (See Humanities / Fine Arts Options)

1. May substitute MATH-1314, MATH-1316, MATH-1324, MATH-1325,  MATH-1332,
    MATH-1350, MATH-1351, MATH-1414, MATH-2305, MATH-2312, MATH-2318,
    MATH-2320, MATH-2413, MATH-2414, MATH-2415, MATH-2417 or MATH-2419
2. May substitute ACCT-2301
3. May substitute BMGT-2382 with written approval of the Department Chair
4. May substitute ECON-2301, ECON-2302 or PSYC-2301

Certificate – Business Management

18 credit hours

First Semester
BMGT   1307       Team Building
BMGT   1327       Principles of Management
BMGT   1341       Business Ethics

Second Semester
BMGT   2309       Leadership
BMGT   2347       Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
HRPO    2307       Organizational Behavior (Capstone)

Note: The second digit in a course number indicates the number of credit hours
for that course.

Contact Information

Department Chair:
Christine DeLaTorre, Ph. D.
PRC - J214

Academic Advisor:
Preston Ridge Advising Office
PRC - F109