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2014 - 2015 Health Information Management Program Information

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Program Option:
AAS – Health Information Management
ESC – Healthcare Case Management

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Health Information Management (HIM) at Collin College is an 18 month program (two academic years) that will prepare the student for the workforce, as a health information professional. The curriculum is based on the American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA) competencies for the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and the Registered Health Information

Technician (RHIT). This curriculum is approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM) Education.

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate should make application to AHIMA to take the credentialing examination. After passing the certification examination, the graduate can use the designation RHIT or CCA behind the professional signature. Students must meet eligibility requirements for certification.

The AAS in Health Information Management is accredited through the CAHIIM. They may be contacted at:
    233 N. Michigan Ave., 21st floor
    Chicago, IL 60601-5800

After initial acceptance to this program, all students are required to meet specific functional abilities - with or without accommodations - for successful completion of the program and to function safely and effectively in a variety of professional settings. The specific functional requirements are found in the Functional Abilities / Core Performance Standards document provided in the program information on the Health Information Management website Students who think they may not be able to meet the functional standards and need accommodation are encouraged to contact the college ACCESS department as soon as this program is of interest.

Admission to the program is selective and based on a point system. For more information, please visit our website at: . Admission is limited to 25 students per semester.   Application deadlines are the 2nd Friday in November, for spring eligibility; 2nd Friday in May, for fall eligibility. Eligibility will be based on the following requirements:

  • Complete Collin College Admission requirements
  • Complete Collin College reading, writing and mathematics assessments, placing at the College-Level (TSI Testing).
  • Overall GPA of 2.5 with a minimum grade of “C” in all prerequisite courses. Please note that a grade of “C” or better must be earned in all courses completed and applicable to the Health Information Management degree plan
  • Completion of the Health Occupations Basic Entrance Exam (HOBET), prior to Application Deadline, with satisfactory results
  • Provide documentation of immunizations required by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) *
  • Submission of the application packet to the Health Sciences, Biology and Chemistry Office, B122G, at the Central Park Campus (CPC). A complete Health Information Management Admission Packet includes:
  • Completed HIM Application
  • Consent for background check
  • Consent for drug screening
  • Immunization documentation *
  • Complete and sign the Functional Abilities / Core Performance Standards for Health Information Management Program - Clinical Expectations
  • Sign the Success in HIM document
  • Submit a 500 word essay explaining why you have chosen to become a Health Information professional
  • Request two letters of reference from employers or teachers (not family or friends) that can attest to your character and aptitude in the healthcare career. These letters should be mailed directly to: Attn: Director of the Health Information Management Program, Health Sciences, Biology and Chemistry Office, Collin College, 2200 W University Dr., McKinney, TX 75071

*    It is important to note that one of the required vaccinations, Hepatitis B, consists of a three dose series, which can take up to 7 months to complete. Individuals unable to receive the HBV must inform the Program Director. All immunizations should be complete before assignment to clinical training. A flu and TB screening is required before a student is permitted into a clinical setting.

Health Insurance – All Health Information Management students are required to show proof of health insurance prior to starting clinical rotations each semester.

Once the student is admitted to this program, they must earn a grade of "C" or better in all major course work to continue.

Clinical courses require students to be placed at a clinical site. Clinical I (HITT-1160), students will be spending a total of 16 hours at various healthcare facilities. Clinical II (HITT-2361), students will be spending 80 hours in a healthcare facility. These hours are typically Monday through Friday during normal business hours and arrangements should be made by students to be available for their scheduled clinical visits. For more information contact the Health Information Management Department.

Students interested in the program should see an academic advisor. Once admitted, the Program Director will construct an academic degree plan. Consult the college website for more specific information as well as the HIM website at:

AAS – Health Information Management

60 credit hours

A)    Students planning to apply for admission to the program must have completed, or be in the process of completing, the following courses with a minimum grade of “C” prior to the application deadline. Provisional acceptance, into the program, may be presented until verification the student earned the minimum grade of “C” in ALL courses:
     1)    ENGL 1301, Composition I
     2)    HITT 1305, Medical Terminology I
     3)    PHIL 2306, Introduction to Ethics
     4)    PSYC 2301, General Psychology
     5)    BIOL 2404, Human Anatomy and Physiology Basic
     6)    HITT 2471, Pharmacology and Pathophysiology
B)    Students entering the program must be prepared to enter college-level mathematics by either completion of MATH 0310 or by placement at the
MATH 1314, College Algebra level.

The following layout is a suggestion of course progression. It reflects the course load for a full-time student. Students may take classes part-time. All courses listed in the degree plan are available online, with the exception of the clinical courses.

ENGL     1301       Composition I
HITT      1305       Medical Terminology I
PHIL      2306       Introduction to Ethics1
PSYC     2301       General Psychology2

First Semester

BIOL      2404       Human Anatomy and Physiology Basic3
HITT      1301       Health Data Content and Structure
HITT      2471       Pharmacology and Pathophysiology
HPRS     2232       Health Care Communications

Second Semester
HITT      1311       Health Information Systems
HITT      1341       Coding and Classification Systems
HITT      1345       Health Care Delivery Systems
HUMA   1301       Introduction to Humanities I4

First Semester

HITT      1160       Clinical I - Health Information / Medical Records Technology
HITT      1353       Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information
HITT      2339       Health Information Organization and Supervision
HITT      2346       Advanced Medical Coding
HITT      2435       Coding and Reimbursement Methodologies

Second Semester
HITT      2249       RHIT Competency Review
HITT      2361       Clinical II - Health Information / Medical Records Technology 5
HITT      2443       Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement

1.   May substitute PHIL 1301, PHIL 1304, PHIL 2303, PHIL 2307 or PHIL 2321
2.   May substitute ANTH 2302, ANTH 2346,
ANTH 2351, ECON 1301,
       ECON 2301, ECON 2302, GOVT 2305, GOVT 2306, HIST 1301,
     HIST 1302,
HIST 2301 or SOCI 1301
3.   No course substitutions.
4.   May substitute ARTS-1301, ARTS-1303,
ARTS-1304, ARTS-1313,
       DANC-2303, DRAM-1310, DRAM-2361, DRAM-2362,DRAM-2366,
ENGL-2322, ENGL-2323, ENGL-2327, ENGL-2328,
ENGL-2332, ENGL-2333, ENGL-2342, ENGL-2343, ENGL-2351,
FREN-2304, HIST-2311,HIST-2312, HIST-2321,
      HIST-2322, MUSI-1306, MUSI-130, or MUSI-1310
5.   HITT-2361 is the Capstone course.

Enhanced Skills Certificate
The Enhanced Skills Certificate in Healthcare Case Management is designed to introduce students to the practice and specialized topics concerning healthcare case management. The certificate targets practicing nurses, social workers, respiratory therapists or other healthcare professionals by teaching a multifaceted healthcare case management approach focusing on the coordination and integration of the direct delivery of patient services. The certificate also includes utilization management, medical necessity and the effective and efficient utilization of healthcare resources. The case management process presented explores how the cost and quality components of healthcare services and patient care are balanced by achieving acceptable optimal outcomes while managing cost of care. Course topics explored include the historical perspective of healthcare delivery, the evolution of case management, the roles and models of case management, case management concepts, case management practice including health promotion and illness prevention, disease management, education, referrals, consultation, and collaboration. Exercises with contrived cases give students the opportunity to practice what they have learned.

ESC-Healthcare Case Management1
9 credit hours

HPRS     2371       The Case Management Process
HPRS     2372       Case Management Coordination and Financial Management
HPRS     2373       Case Studies in Healthcare Case Management

1.   Prerequisite: Student should have been awarded an AAS or BS in Nursing, or current certification or licensure in a healthcare field or profession.





Contact Information

Program Director:
Michelle Millen, BS, RHIT

Academic Advisor:
Tori Hoffman

Department Website: