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Service Learning and Volunteer Project Ideas
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    Service-Learning and Volunteer Project Ideas

    Looking for a service-learning or volunteer project and don't know where to begin? Spend some time exploring through these links for issues that interest you

    Hands On North Texas
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    Volunteer Center of McKinney
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    Project Ideas from Do Something!

      Animal Welfare (Animal Cruelty, Animal Homelessness, Animal Testing, Endangered Species, Factory Farms, Puppy Mills)

      Disaster Response And Relief (Disaster Preparedness, Katrina Rebuilding, Natural Disasters, Tsunami Relief)

      Discrimination (Affirmative Action, Disability Rights, Environmental Racism, Gay Rights, Immigration, Racial Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, Violence Against Women, Women's Rights, Wrongful Imprisonment)

      Education (Arts in Education, Education Inequalities, Financial Education, High School Dropouts, Music Education, Sex Education) 

      Environment (E-Waste, Energy Conservation, Factory Farms, Global Warming, Organic Living, Pollution, Recycling, Sustainable Agriculture, Water Conservation, Wildfires)

      Health And Fitness (Alcohol Abuse, Asthma, Body Image, Cancer, Dating Abuse, Diabetes, Drug Abuse, Eating Disorders, Fitness, Healthy Living, Malaria and Preventable Disease, Mental Health, Organic Living, Smart Driving, Smoking, Steroid Use, Teen Pregnancies)

      HIV And Sexuality (Gay Rights, HIV and AIDS, Human Trafficking, Reproductive Rights, Sex Education, STDs, Teen Pregnancies)

      International Human Rights (Darfur, Dating Abuse, Disability Rights, Gay Rights, Global Poverty, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Immigration, Labor Rights, Malaria and Preventable Disease, Millennium Development Goals, Sweatshops, Violence Against Women, Women's Rights)

      Poverty (Education Inequalities, Global Poverty, Homelessness, Hunger, Malaria and preventable Disease, Millennium Development Goals,

      Violence And Bullying (Child Abuse, Cyber Bullying, Dating Abuse, Gang Violence, Gun Control, Hate Crimes, School Violence, Violence Against Women)

      War, Peace And Politics (Child Soldiers, Darfur, Human Trafficking, Immigration, Our Troops, Violence Against Women, Voting, Women's Rights)