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Students can use OrgSync to generate a verified record of their involvement to document experiences gained outside the classroom. This student initiated document is the Co-Curricular Transcript, and can be used to apply for grad school, provide speaking points for job interviews, and to showcase a students’ leadership experience.

Students who want to track service or volunteer hours can do so through the Involvement area in OrgSync.  There are three types of participation that can be tracked; service, event, and organization involvement. 

Service Participation is defined as volunteer with Service Partners or other non-profit organization through classroom, student organization, or personal. 

Event Participation is defined as any participation including attending, leading, or assisting in a school or classroom sponsored workshop, seminar, or event. 

Organization Involvement is for students that hold executive board positions in Collin registered student organizations, general members of registered student organizations, or a member of a Collin sponsored intercollegiate athletic team.

An easy to follow graphic showcases how the Co-Curricular Transcript can enhance your resume or college application. Check it out -->  HERE  <--

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact Student Life at

Look for the Co-Curricular Approved logo for events and activities that will enrich your time here at Collin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official record of the co-curricular activities and accomplishments of Collin College students. 

NOTE: This transcript is not for academic grades and classes. 


How is the Co-Curricular Transcript used?

Official copies of the Co-Curricular Transcript are used to complement your resume and academic transcript for applications to universities and prospective employers.


What type of activities should be submitted?

Athletics: Participation, honors, or distinctions as a member of a Collin sponsored intercollegiate athletic team.

Clubs and Organizations:  On-going participation as a general member or executive board member in a Collin recognized club or organization.

Honors and Awards:  Recipient of an honor, award, or scholarship recognized by Collin.

Leadership Training:  Participation in leadership activities recognized by Collin College.

Workshops / Seminars / Events:  Attendance at a workshop, seminar, or event that is recognized by Collin.


When should entries be submitted?

Entries should be submitted soon after completion of the event or activity, as possible.  Proper validation is required either through a Student Organization Advisor, Student Life staff member (for Organization Involvement only) or with an uploaded proof of attendance/participation.


How do I submit entries for my transcript?

All entries must be done through OrgSync Involvement. The OrgSync Help Desk provides detailed walkthrough on how to add involvement to your CCT. 


Must all entries be validated?

Yes! Entries will not be entered without appropriate validation. Either the student organization portal administrators or Student Life staff (depending on type of entry) will have final approval of what types of entries will be accepted or who is the appropriate person to validate the information.


How do I order copies of my Co-Curricular Transcript?

Co-Curricular Transcripts are available to any Collin student.

Official Co-Curricular Transcripts are requested through OrgSync.

  1. From the students’ personal Involvement profile in OrgSync, click the link to Request Official Transcript
  2. The request will be received by a Student Life staff member who will review the students’ involvement ensuring entries have been validated.
  3.  Upon approval of the Co-Curricular Transcript request, the student will receive notification via email. 
  4. The student can pick up their Co-Curricular Transcript at any Student Life Office.


Can my Co-Curricular Transcript be mailed to employers or universities?

No, typically the Co-Curricular Transcript is provided directly to the student. The student may request as many copies as needed and send them to prospective employers and graduate schools.


How long are my records kept after graduation?

We will keep records for at least five years after graduation and longer if space permits.