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Student Engagement strives to enhance student learning and development. It is the goal of Student Engagement to provide co-curricular civic, educational, leadership, and social programs. Students can also join student organizations and committees, work on special projects or enjoy social activities with friends.

Student Engagement presents a wide variety of opportunities to enrich students' college experience including: educational conferences; entertainers; field trips; guest speakers; leadership training; officer training; social, cultural, and civic events; and student organizations.

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McKinney Campus (Central Park)

Office Phone: 972-548-6788
Fax: 972-548-6789

     8 a.m. –   5 p.m.  Monday 
     8 a.m. –   5 p.m.  Tuesday
     8 a.m. –   8 p.m.  Wednesday
     8 a.m. –   5 p.m.  Thursday
     9 a.m. –   5 p.m.  Friday


Frisco Campus (Preston Ridge)

Alumni Hall - A-185
Office Phone: 972-377-1788
Fax: 972-377-1540 

     8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday
     8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Tuesday
     8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday
     8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday
     9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Friday

Plano Campus (Spring Creek)

Office Phone: 972-881-5788
Fax: 972-516-5084

     8 a.m. –   8 p.m.  Monday 
     8 a.m. –   8 p.m.  Tuesday
     8 a.m. –   8 p.m.  Wednesday
     8 a.m. –   8 p.m.  Thursday
     9 a.m. –   5 p.m.  Friday


Student ID's are available at any Student Engagement office during normal business hours. Students will be able to get their student ID prior to the beginning of each semester as well as throughout the semester. Questions regarding student ID's can be directed to any Student Engagement office.

ID's will be available for students who are currently enrolled, registered for credit courses, and have paid for classes.  Students MUST present a form of photo ID (driver's license, passport) and provide their college-wide ID number (CWID).  

PLEASE NOTE: As of August 14, 2015 (Fall 2015) the Student ID system has been updated.  Any ID created prior to this date is no longer valid and will not be accepted and should be destroyed. You must visit any Student Engagement Office to receive your new ID (initial replacement IDs are free). Once your ID has been upgraded, it will become active each semester you enroll and pay for classes at Collin College.  

Listed below are the dates when ID's will become available for the semesters indicated.

Fall 2018           Spring 2019           Summer 2019
August 2            December 10         May 6


Be involved at Collin College while you gain work experience!
Student Engagement is hiring Student Assistants and Work Study Student Assistants for the 2018-2019 academic year
We are seeking dynamic students with a strong work ethic and a motivation to help others.
Start dates are flexible and we work around your class schedules.
Position Descriptions and Applications
McKinney Campus (Central Park): 
Work Study position
Student Assistant position
Frisco Campus (Preston Ridge):  
Work Study position
Student Assistant position
Plano Campus (Spring Creek):   
Work Study position
Student Assistant position
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