Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pay for a citation written by a Collin College Officer?
Any citation written by a Collin College Officer will go to the Justice of the Peace precinct in which they were written. If an individual is ticketed and fails to contact the court, a warrant for his/her arrest may be issued.
Can our officers arrest adults and/or juveniles?
Yes, our officers have this authority, just like any other peace officer in the state of Texas.
If someone is arrested from any campus where are they taken?
Persons arrested by a Collin College Officer will be transported to the Collin County Detention Center located in McKinney, TX.
If other police departments need assistance, can our officers respond?
Yes, just as other law enforcement may respond to our officers' assistance, so may we respond to calls for assistance from other police agencies.
Can our officers take action against a non-student if they are not on school district property?
Yes, if an officer witnesses an offense, he will take action and let the agency that has primary jurisdiction in the area know what has occurred.  Collin College officers have County wide jurisdiction in any county in which the College District exercises control over property.
Do Collin College officers have any authority at school functions that are not held on district property (i.e. graduation, sporting events)?
Yes, wherever Collin College functions are being held.
Do bicycle officers stop and write citations?
What happens if I do not stop for a bicycle officer?
Our bicycle patrols are marked as "Police".  They are equipped with lights and sirens just like normal patrol cars and if a person fails to stop for a bicycle officer they can be charged with evading arrest which is a Felony offense in the State of Texas.


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