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Campus Delay or Closure

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If classes are canceled or migrated to on-line learning due to Collin College's preparation, response or recovery to specific hazards then an announcement will be made through CougarAlert, Collin College’s website, and the local radio and television stations listed below. A decision to cancel classes will usually be made by 6:00 a.m. for day classes and 4:00 p.m. for evening classes. If a closure notice is not posted on the website, Collin College is open.

AM Radio stations:        570 AM, KLIF        820 AM, WBAP         1080 AM, KRLD     1310 AM, KTCK

FM Radio Stations:         93.3 FM, KLIF        94.9 FM, KLTY       96.3 FM, KSCS        96.7 FM, KTCK

                                       98.7 FM, KLUV       99.5 FM, KPLX      100.3 FM, KJKK       103.7 FM, KVIL

                                       105.3 FM, KRLD    107.5 FM, KMVK

Television Stations:       KDFW Channel 4    KXAS Channel 5     WFAA Channel 8     KTVT Channel 11 

                                      KTXA Channel 21