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Campus Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The purpose of the Campus Emergency Response Team (ERT) is to promote safety and security for campus personnel before, during, and after an emergency.

Team composition - The VP/Campus Provosts assigns employees to fill the following roles:

  Incident Commander The VP/Campus Provost or select Collin College Police personnel
     Campus Lead    Manages the team and schedules training   
  Building or Wing Captain    Directs the shelter or evacuation measures for Thier assigned area 
  Floor Monitor  Directs employees and students during shelter or evacuation 

Campus ICS

Team Responsibility - Each team member is responsible for completing training and knowing the appropriate action. Team members enhance the District's readiness by reporting areas of improvement to the Office of Emergency Management and advising other employees of their role as an ERT member.

 Team Training - Each team member is expected to complete the following training upon being assigned to the team.

             Level I       Roles and responsibilities. This 1.5 hour course covers the expectations and procedures.
  Level II         

Medical response training. This 4 hour course covers CPR, Stop-the-bleed, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) operations

          Level III                 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) required training. The following self paced on-line training courses are required for various team positions.

FEMA IS-100 - Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS). Required for all VP/Campus Provosts, ERT members, Collin College Police Department personnel, and Plant Managers.

FEMA IS-200 - Incident Command System (ICS) for Single Resources/Initial Action Incidents. Required for all VP/Campus Provosts.

FEMA IS-700 - National Incident Management System (NIMS). Required for all VP/Campus Provosts, ERT members, Collin College Police Department personnel, and Plant Managers.

FEMA IS-800 - National Response Framework. Required for all VP/Campus Provosts

          Level IV

Exercises and Drills - Collin College maintains a state of readiness and tests response
components, with annual exercises and drills. These exercises provide opportunities
to ensure that adequate preparations are in place for students, employees, and
response teams so they can respond effectively to emergencies on campus. The
Collin College Police Department schedules exercises to ensure that police officers
and communicators remain ready to respond to any emergency.

The VP/Campus Provost coordinates exercise objectives, priorities and details with
the Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Each exercise must use an approved
notification system, and participation is mandatory unless approved by the
VP/Campus Provost.