The beginning of every semester brings challenges, not only for students, but also for us at the Police Department.  The Police Department asks that all of our students, faculty and staff be aware of certain issues that always arise the first few weeks of every semester.  They include THEFT and PARKING.

**Theft Prevention**

Especially the theft of notebook computers, books, purses and or backpacks.

Please DO NOT leave your personal belongings unattended.  Most, if not all, thefts that occur on campus happen when someone leaves their purse or backpack unattended either in a classroom, hallway or library study room. 

Tip- Place an identifying mark on your personal property and textbooks in case they are stolen.  The identifying mark will make your items much easier to identify and return to you.


Arrive early and give yourself extra time to get to class!  You may be walking further than usual.

Collin College is undergoing a lot of growth and with that comes the anticipated construction.  Please pay attention to the areas of our campuses that have restricted access.  Any construction site will be fenced off from normal traffic.  Signs have been posted to alert you of their presence.  Depending on which campus you are attending, there may be designated overflow parking for your convenience.

We want your experience at Collin College to the best it can be, we also want it to be safe.  With your help we can strive toward it.  Have a fun and safe semester.



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