5555 and or

Be prepared to provide as much information as possible:

  • What is happening

  • The exact location of the incident

  • Detailed description of the assailant (s)

  • Direction of travel, if known

  • Type of weapons (s) used, if any

  • Your name

Response and Notification:

  • Collin College Police will respond and local municipal police agencies will be notified.

  • An emergency notification will be activated.

  • If you are in a campus building where an active shooter incident is occurring and can’t safely evacuate, lock and barricade yourself in an office or classroom away from the assailant (s).

  • Also refer to our Shelter in Place information.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INTERVENE, except in the case of self-defense or self-preservation.

Police Actions

  • Collin College Police will pursue the threat and restore order by whatever means necessary.

  • All surrounding buildings will be locked down.

  • All occupants will need to remain within these areas or will be told to move to a safe zone established by the College or will be required to leave the campus as directed by College officials.

  • The police will be in charge of the scene and will work closely with other law enforcement agencies until all danger is removed.


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