Bicycle Patrol Program

Sgt. Michael Gromatzky  Off. Curtis Martin 

Collin College Police Bicycle Patrol

The Collin County Community College District (Collin) Police force is putting the pedal to the metal – the bicycle pedal.

The Collin College Police Department have purchased three mountain bikes from Plano Cycling and Fitness to be used during patrol on several campuses throughout the district, and it hopes to expand the program at a later date.

Advantages of the bicycle compared to foot or police cruiser patrol include faster response time to crimes and emergencies, the ability to penetrate crowds easier, the bicycle rider’s ability to negotiate sidewalks, alleys and other hard-to-reach places and an element of stealth, which the officer can use when approaching a scene.

Students, faculty and staff at every campus will benefit as bicycles are effective in patrolling large parking lots and other streets despite traffic and to get from one side of the campus to the other within minutes. Also, bikes are cheaper than cruisers.

A number of local law enforcement agencies already utilize bike patrols. The bike patrols also will make the officers more accessible to those on campus and thus build a stronger rapport between students and faculty and the department.

Three officers are currently assigned to the Bicycle Patrol Program. The patrol bicycles are helpful in providing a more interactive patrol upon our campuses. In many situations, bicycle officers can respond more quickly to dispatched calls due to the ability to go where patrol cars can not; and the ability to be less impeded by heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic at peak hours.


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