Defibrillator Locations

Location of AED’s in the Collin College District.


CPC AED locations:

 3rd floor Located near elevator.

 Fitness Center E-121 Located in the hallway near the fitness desk.

 Library 1st floor entrance Located near elevator.

 (New location) room B-122.

 Dental Suite room A-120 “inside the Suite”.

 Fire Science building/ “Located Inside the building”.



  Basement hallway/ Located near back dock area near room K-008.

 A-100 Located behind Fitness Center desk.

 (New location) Located across from room L-238.

 1st floor D - wing near the Elevator

1st floor Atrium Information Desk


CYC AED Locations:

 1st floor/ Located near the SAIL office “Seniors Active in Learning”.


PRC AED Locations:

Alumni hall Located across from the fitness desk.

Founders Hall Located near the Elevator on the first floor.

Heritage Hall Located near the Elevator.

Conference Center Located near the bathrooms.

J. Building Located upstairs near the elevators.

D. buildings Located inside the Police Office.


Higher Education Center AED:

1st and 3rd floor located to the east of the elevators.



Collin College is taking steps to prevent heart attack deaths on campus by buying defibrillators, instruments which provide a shock of electricity to an individual undergoing cardiac arrest.

About 250,000 die of cardiac arrest a year, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). "Life-threatening emergencies can happen at any time,” Wellness Program Coordinator Dr. Linda Adams said. “Published studies have proven that early defibrillation, within the first few minutes of a heart attack can save up to 30 percent of victims. It is important to the safety of all employees and students at Collin to have (these instruments) on each campus.”

The college also hosts AHA-administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with defibrillator classes periodically.

The defibrillators, currently located at the Spring Creek, Preston Ridge, Central Park and Courtyard Center campuses, are fully automated in that all the user has to do is take it out and place the pads on the patient’s chest. The machine does all the rest.

The course incorporates all of this as it teaches when to apply the defibrillator, what the instrument does and how it helps the patient.

The defibrillators can be found at the fitness center desks at the Spring Creek, Central Park and Preston Ridge campuses, and between the third floor elevators at the Courtyard Center.

CPR-with-defibrillator classes at Collin are free and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Future classes are planned through the staff development division. Visit its website at


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