Shelter in Place

During certain emergency situations such as an active shooter or chemical, biological or radioactive material releases and some weather emergencies, you may be advised to “shelter in place” rather than evacuate the building.

  • Stay inside the building (or go indoors as quickly as possible).

  • Do not use elevators.

  • Quickly locate supplies you may need such as food, water, radio, etc.

  • If possible, go to a room or corridor where there are no windows and few doors.

  • If there is time, shut and lock all windows and doors. (Locking them may provide a tighter seal against chemicals).

  • In the event of a chemical release, push a wet towel up against the crack between the door and the floor to seal it.

  • In the event of a chemical release, go to an above-ground level of the building; some chemicals are heavier than air and may seep into basements even if the windows are closed.

  • If possible, check for additional information via the main College Web page,, and/or monitor radio or television for further details.

  •  Do not call 911 unless you are reporting a life-threatening situation.


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