Graphic Design Certificate Series

Graphic Design Certificate Series

Graphic artists and designers with a range of technical, drawing and design skills are valuable members of work teams in a variety of industries. Many artists have also discovered the joys of freelance design and graphics development work.

The certificate series places emphasis on drawing and painting, design principles, page layout, photo treatment and digital image enhancement, illustration, digital pre-press skills, and development of a technical portfolio.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to complete elective courses focused on various visual media presentation skills from web design to digital photography.

Requirement:  Certificates for instructor led courses will be awarded upon successful completion of 10 courses as prescribed: 6 core and 4 electives. You must be present 90% of each class meeting to fulfill the certificate requirements. Contact Jennifer Askew once you have completed all classes.

Cost:  Total fee for 6 core classes - $1,094. Fee for elective classes range from $119 - $299 each

Core Courses - 6 required

Elective Courses - 4 required

Questions regarding any computer classes contact John Byers 972.985.3753