Collin College Continuing Education offers both a Medical Billing Certificate Series and a Medical Coding Certificate Series. The two Certificates are offered separately to allow students to more quickly enter the workforce, but can be taken simultaneously. The Medical Billing series can be completed in approximately 4 months, the Medical Coding series will take about 8 months to complete.
Series Description - Medical Billing

The Medical Billing Certificate series equips students with the skills required for an entry level position in medical billing. Medical Billing professionals typically work for physician offices, insurance companies, private billing companies, and hospitals. They are responsible for creating and submitting insurance claims, informing patients of their coverage, collecting and posting payments from patients and insurance companies, and maintaining patient insurance files. Medical Billing Certification is important when applying for jobs such as Insurance Billing Specialist, Medical Biller, Reimbursement Specialist, Medical Billing Representative or Electronic Claims Processor. The Certification consists of the following 6 courses, and may be taken in any order. The certificate series is 216 hours and $1,409 in tuition.

We offer a Fast-track Medical Billing (14 weeks) option every semester! Fall courses are at the Frisco Preston Ridge Campus, Spring courses are at the McKinney Central Park Campus, and Summer courses are at the Plano Spring Creek Campus. For more information about the Fast-track option, click here

Series Description - Medical Coding

This comprehensive series has been created for students preparing for a career in Medical Coding. Developed and taught by industry experts, this series helps students logically progress through courses designed to give the knowledge needed to work as a Medical Coder in a healthcare environment. Students are encouraged to complete the Certified Professional Coder exam administered by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) upon completion of this program to enhance employment opportunities.We recommend taking 2 courses at a time, in the following order. Online as well as on-campus classes are available. The certificate serie is 352 hours and $2,538 in tuition.

Courses need to be taken in the following order:

**Course only needs to be taken one time

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Textbook Information
Most courses within this certificate series require textbooks. Click here for course syllabi.
Never Taken an Online Course Before?
Information and instructions can be found by clicking here
Other Information
Most courses are offered on campus as well as online. Students are welcome to take advantage of either option and be eligible for a certificate.

Students must receive a passing grade on all quizzes/tests as well as attend 90% of each course to pass competency and be eligible for a certificate

Limited competitive externships may be available. Externships are NOT guaranteed. Click here for more information.

Upon completion of all requirements email CE Healthcare to request your certificate. Include in the email how you would like your name to appear along with your current mailing address.