Certificate in Office Skills I - Distance Learning

Distance Learning 4 Course Series

This ertificate Program will prepare you in the basic software required by most offices: Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.  In order to receive the Certificate in Office Skills, the following four Distance Learning courses must be completed:

  • Introduction to MS Word  - Create, edit and format letters, memos and reports and work with tables and graphics in Word

  • Introduction to MS Excel - Create and edit worksheets that utilize formulas and functions and create graphs in Excel

  • Introduction to MS Powerpoint - Create computer based presentations and image presentation materials; including slides, handouts, speaker notes and automation in PowerPoint

  • Introduction to MS Access - Create and manage a simple database, create queries and reports, modify tables and customize fields in Access

Each of these individual courses consists of 12 sessions, delivered twice a week.  They are offered once a month and can be completed in any order.

Total Cost: $395 for the Certificate Series registration.  A certificate will also be issued if you choose to register for each course individually which range in price from $109-$129. 

After registering for the Certificate Series, please go to www.ed2go.com/collince and choose a date to begin one of the above courses. Create a password for access to the classroom and go through orientation.  Orientation must be completed each time you begin a course.

Upon completing all the required classes contact Betty Wilson to request your certificate.

Please contact Betty Wilson regarding any questions 972-985-3750