Certificate in Sales Management - Distance Learning

Distance Learning 3 Course Series

This >Sales Management Certificate Series is designed to develop and apply a framework for dealing with sales management. It will develop skills in planning sales strategy, in recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, organizing and controlling a field sales force, and in persuasive communication. This series demonstrates how effective sales strategy creation and team leadership improves the company's ability to form relationships with its customers and provide value-added services.  In order to receive the Certificate in Sales Management, the following three Distance Learning courses must be completed:

  • Professional Sales Skills - You will learn how to turn prospects into buyers, how to provide proper customer service, how to develop a sales plan, and more!

  • Effective Selling - will help you lay the groundwork for repeat business and your future success.

  • Leadership - This course will teach you how to use the principles of great leaders to achieve success in almost every aspect of your daily life.

Each of these individual courses consists of 12 sessions, delivered twice a week.  They are offered once a month and can be completed in any order.

Total Cost: $319 for the Certificate Series registration.  A certificate will also be issued if you choose to register for each course individually at a cost of $109 each by following the links of each course listed above. 

After registering for the Certificate Series, please go to www.ed2go.com/collince and choose a date to begin one of the above courses. Create a password for access to the classroom and go through orientation.  Orientation must be completed each time you begin a course.

Upon completing all the required classes contact Betty Wilson to request your certificate.

Please contact Betty Wilson regarding any questions 972-985-3750