Course Description
Being found online by search engines and consumers is essential to any firm looking to make its digital mark. Gain the skills in the SEO, Google Analytics, AdWords, Social Media and more in this comprehensive certificate series. Complete the certificate series by taking four core and two additional elective courses.
Is this certificate series for you?

If you are a small business owner, marketing professional, web developer or entrepreneur then this certificate series will provide the know-how to capitalize on web marketing strategies.

Take the four core courses:

  • Business Intelligence Using Google Analytics
  • Internet Marketing Using Google AdWords
  • WordPress - Basic
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Business - Basic
        SEO for Small Business Boot Camp
  • Then take four of the elective courses:

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    After completing the Digital Marketing Certificate, take four additional electives to earn a Social Media Manager Certificate. Then take two additional electives to earn a Social Media Director Certificate.
    Social Media Certificates
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    Textbook Information
    Most classes require a textbook, please check the course syllabi for other needed information as well.
    To be eligible to receive a certificate, students must complete 4 core and 4 elective courses with 90% attendance.

    Upon successful completion, email Alice Hoock to request your certificate. Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your certificate.

    Video Q & A: View a video interview with a former students.