Course Description
Patient Care Technicians traditionally work in hospitals performing patient care activities delegated and supervised by the professional staff, such as:
  • Assist patient with activities of daily living
  • Patient mobility utilizing appropriate safety measures to prevent patient and self injury
  • Patient meals and nourishment are offered, administered, and recorded in a timely manner
  • Assists Nursing staff with admission, discharge, transfer, and transport of patients
  • Obtains and records patient vital signs, heights, and weights, intake and output, diabetic fingersticks and reports results and observations
  • Respond effectively in emergencies and assists in prevention of patient injury
  • Initiates CPR when appropriate
  • Utilizes side rails and restraints to prevent patient injury
  • Reports to professional staff patients at increased risk for injury
  • Collect lab specimens, appropriately labeled, and delivered to lab in a timely manner utilizing appropriate safety measures to prevent patient and staff injury
  • Communicates results of selected tests to professional staff in a timely manner
  • Conforms to safety standards dictated by regulatory agencies i.e. safety manuals, MSD sheets, OSHA issues.
Courses Included in the Certificate
Students who successfully complete all 3 courses are eligible for the PCT exam provided by the National Healthcare Association for Healthcare Professionals.

Individual certification following each course is highly recommended, but not required for PCT exam eligibility.
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Other Information
Nurse Aide Training (CNA) (NURA 5525)
Fee: $221
Hours: 100

Electrocardiography (EKG) (HLTH 5340)
Fee: $499
Hours: 60

Phlebotomy (PHLB 5590)
Fee: $599
Hours: 60

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