Course Description
This certificates series is for anyone, whether you're an entrepreneur, marketing or agency professional, writer, or social media analyst.

� Advances your knowledge about using social media
� Offers hands-on experience to create a compelling online presence, build an engaged community, and/or create a business, and convert engagement into sales/revenue
� Is a tangible way to demonstrate your knowledge and hands-on experience with strategic planning, alignment, and integration of social media within a business or for customers, and how to operate successfully across all the major social networks/platforms using compelling content and graphics/images
� Provides a complete social media skill set

Businesses are searching for and require experienced Social Media Managers with continuously growing and evolving skills and cross functional approaches that generate leads, customer retention/loyalty, sales/revenue, retargeting, and future sales.

Learning Outcomes:

� Understand the social media ecosystem, from engagement to
� Understand content, imagery, key words, ranking, boosting, analytics
� Gain valuable hands-on knowledge and skills to effectively create, manage, and implement social media programs
� Understand the fast-paced and ever-changing digital and social media landscape
� Create a Social Media strategies, planning, and analytic metrics, specific to a business or customer
� Understand how Social Media impacts business goals
� Create listening and monitoring frameworks
� Learn how to plan and manage social content
� Understand Social Media ROI
� Optimize SEO
� Integrate owned, earned, and paid content
� Native advertising, mobile, local, and social advertising
� Content engagement strategies
� Creating targeted and engaging content and imagery

The Certificate Series helps prepare you for the following industry Certification tests:

American Marketing Association PCM � (AMA's Professional Certified Marketer-PCM�)
Advanced Social Strategy Certification � Hootsuite
Brainmeasures � Social Media Marketing Certification
eMarketing Association � Certified eMarketing Associate � CeMA
eMarketing Association � Certified Social Marketing Associate � CSMA
Facebook Blueprint Certification
Google AdWords Certification
Google Analytics Certification
National Institute for Social Media � Social Media Strategist � SMS
Social Marketing Certification � Hootsuite
Social Media Manager Certificate

After completing the Digital Marketing Certificate, complete four additional electives to earn a Social Media Manager Certificate.

Social Media Director Certificate

After completing the Digital Marketing Certificate and the Social Media Manager Certificate, complete two additional electives to earn a Social Media Director Certificate.

Elective courses:

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To be eligible to receive certificates, students must complete the required elective courses with 90% attendance.

Upon successful completion, email Alice Hoock to request your certificate. Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your certificate.