Course Description
Communication Improvement, Intro
This class is for individuals who speak little or no English. Students practice basic speaking and listening skills.

Communication Improvement, Level 1
This class is for individuals who know some basic English, but cannot form sentences or have a conversation.

Communication Improvement, Level 2
This class is for individuals who know some English and can form simple sentences, but need conversation, reading, and vocabulary/comprehension improvement.

Communication Improvement, Level 3
This class is for individuals who can speak English, but need improvement in understanding, listening, and holding a conversation with others.

Communication Improvement, Level 4
This class focuses on English comprehension, vocabulary development, and determining meaning from context.

Communication Improvement, Level 5
This class is for individuals with a high intermediate to advanced speaking, reading, and writing skills. The focus is on improving parts of the English language such as subject-verb agreement, pronouns, phrasal verbs, adverbs, and much more!
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2. Conversation
3. Grammar
4. Pronunciation
5. Reading
6. Writing

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Additional Information

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ESL Placement Testing Schedule at CourtYard (CY) Center:
CRN TEST NAME Day Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Fee
75462 ESL Placement Testing T 5/15 5/15 6:30pm - $0.0
75463 ESL Placement Testing W 5/16 5/16 12:30pm - $0.0
75464 ESL Placement Testing R 5/17 5/17 6:30pm - $0.0
75465 ESL Placement Testing T 5/22 5/22 6:30pm - $0.0
75466 ESL Placement Testing W 5/23 5/23 12:30pm - $0.0
75467 ESL Placement Testing R 5/24 5/24 6:30pm - $0.0

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