SAT Math Review
The redesigned SAT Math components feature problems with applications in science, social science, career scenarios and other real-life contexts. The exam is comprised of 38 questions in the calculator portion that must be completed in 55 minutes and 20 questions in the no-calculator portion that must be completed in 25 minutes. The 6 sessions focus on helping students develop the knowledge and skills measured by the SAT Math components.
SAT Verbal Review
The redesigned SAT Verbal components include a Reading Test covering 52 multiple choice questions in 65 minutes; a Writing and Language Test covering 44 multiple choice questions in 35 minutes; and one optional Essay question in 50 minutes. The 10 class sessions focus on helping students’ develop the knowledge and skills measured by the SAT Verbal components.
SAT Express Preparation
SAT Express Preparation is designed to teach students test taking strategies to ensure they are able to confidently answer all questions in the allotted amount of time. Students also briefly review exam content.

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