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Sign up for these short introductory digital-age classes and learn what you need to know NOW. The 2-session classes are 3 hours total and the 4-session classes are 6 hours total. You will get a taste of what more in-depth classes have to offer. All classes are held at the Courtyard Center.
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If you want to see if you are ready for a full course then these are the classes for you!
They include over 20 Introductory Computer classes ranging from Windows, Microsoft Office, iTunes, iPhone, eReaders and Digital Media.

Also included in the Afternoon Sampler classes are 6 different Introductory Digital Photography classes such as Framing the Shot, Megapixels Explained, Editing Digital Photos, Face-lifts and Organizing and Sharing Your Photos.

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Textbook Information
Most classes do not require a textbook but you can check the course syllabi for other needed information.
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2 session classes = $19
4 session classes = $39
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