Course Description
Compelling characters are the essence of all great fiction. And all great writers know the simple truth -- to write compelling characters is to write about compelling people. The more you know about what motivates people, right and wrong, the more complete, the more powerful, the more real your characters will become. Writer, editor, journalist, and creative writing developer Scott Morgan explains how to build real, compelling fiction characters from the skeleton out.
Instructor Bio
Scott Morgan is an award-winning reporter and editor, entrepreneur, bestselling author, professional speaker and teacher. He also is the president of WriteHook, an editing and writing development company for fiction and creative nonfiction writers.
Course Objectives
1. Learn to recognize the earmarks of well-rounded characters.
2. Develop an understanding of how characteristics of characters affect plot.
3. Understand the characteristics of heroes, villains, and ancillary characters.
4. Apply character traits toward reactions to situations and plot elements.

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Course Syllabus
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