Course Description
Drawing with Color I - Take the principles and elements learned in Drawing I and now incorporate color-theory including hue, value, and intensities. Include light quality and relationships.

Drawing with Color II - Another step toward developing skills and insuring student understands the concepts learned in part I. Each week will encompass new subject matter working from one of the color harmonies or more spontaneous expression. Homework assigned to inspire creativity - all original art, no copying.
Course Objectives
Drawing with Color I -
1. Learn to apply color theory to value drawings in order to replicate subject matter as it appears in nature
2. Become familiar with colored pencils and the techniques necessary to accomplish the appearance of a �dry� painted medium
3. Increase your powers of observation and accomplishments

Drawing with Color II -
1. Understanding of color concept.
2. Design original works.
3. Use of color harmonies.
4. Develop creative expression.

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Course Syllabus
Please click here to view course syllabus for Drawing with Color I
Please click here to view course syllabus for Drawing with Color II