What is a Health Unit Coordinator?
Health Unit Coordinators typically work in hospitals, and coordinate the care for all of the patients on a particular unit. They are responsible for a range of support duties, such as:
  • greeting visitors,
  • ordering supplies,
  • assembling patient charts,
  • answering telephones
  • entering patient information into the computer
  • corresponding with doctors and nurses
  • scheduling patient appointments with other departments
Our 8-week online course will give you all the material and education you need to prepare and pass the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators exam and find employment in a hospital as a Health Unit Coordinator.
Course Description
This online course will provide you with the skills needed to become a vital member of the healthcare team. Topics will include instruction in medical charts and forms, transcription of physician's orders, interpreting medical terminology, abbreviations, and symbols, coordinating diagnostic testing, communication in the healthcare setting, prioritizing orders and tasks, ensuring patient confidentiality, and performing routine quality assurance on charts. Effective communication skills, multi-tasking and setting work priorities will be learned and practiced. Certification is available through the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators.
Is this class for you?
Trained Health Unit Coordinators work with visitors, patients, nursing staff, hospital departments, and doctors and are eligible to work in healthcare settings at positions called:

Health Unit Clerk
Unit Secretary
Unit Clerk
Unit Assistant
Health Unit Coordinator

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The HUC Program was a great program. The instructor spent so much time teaching us everything we needed to know. Through the internship program at Baylor I met my current employer. The class taught me a lot and helped with my entry level position here at Baylor ~ former HUC student

Textbook information
Health Unit Coordinating, 7th Edition
ISBN: 978-1-4557-5018-4
Skills Practice Manual included with Health Unit Coordinating, 7th Edition

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Other Information
Hours: 128
Weeks: 8
Tuition: $1,199

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