Course Description
Java Programming I - Learn the basics of Java language syntax and object-oriented programming. Gain practical experience by designing, writing, compiling, and executing simple Java programs.
Java Programming II - Expand the Java language and object-oriented programming concepts introduced in Java Programming I. Introduce advanced Java concepts � inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, exception handling, use of collections and database connectivity. Gain more practical experience by designing and writing Java applications.
Java Programming III - Enhance Java programming skills with generics, arrays, containers and concurrency tools.
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In these three Java Programming courses you will be able to:
Upon completion of Java Programming I you will have gained these skills:
� Be able to develop simple Java applications,
� Understand elementary object-oriented programming
� Gain a firm foundation of Java concepts.
Upon completion of Java Programming II you will add these skills:
� Be able to use the Eclipse IDE to develop Java applications
� Be able to design and develop multi-object Java applications
� Understand the major object-oriented programming concepts
� Have a firm foundation of all the core Java concepts
� Be able to develop Java applications that connect to relational databases
Upon completion of Java Programming III you will have gained these skills:
� Be able to design and develop efficient complex Java applications
� Understand Java best-practice design and development concepts and have a firm foundation of all important Java concepts
� Be able to develop Java applications with a graphic user interface

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Prerequisite Information
Java Programming I: Microsoft Windows, knowledge of a text editor and experience with another programming language.
Java Programming II: Java Programming I or equivalent experience
Java Programming III: Java Programming II or equivalent experienve